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Founder @ Oasis Labs


Trade in stocks especially cryptocurrencies. Ask me anything related to crypto-stocks, charts. 


Hi, my name is Atishay.


I am a makeup artist. Ask me anything about beauty tips, home tips, and makeup tips.


Yo yo!

Only breaking stuff @socketdottech.

Can answer anything web3.


Wanna know about me? Message me..xD



I'm CJ. A software engineer, currently solving the problem of spam.

Hit me up for any questions, queries, suggestions, etc.


Have been in love with the products but shifting my focus on problems now.

Been a programmer for almost a decade and loves technology.

Centralization will always lead to great problems. 

Decentralization will always converge for common good. 

AI is still a far-fetched dream if you are willing to look beyond marketing.

Empathy should be taught in schools.

High school Education and food should be free.

All Blockchain problems have already been solved and now it is ready.


Founder, CEO - TartanHQ


I can talk about anything you want

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